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The Transformational Medicine Team

About Us

Alternative medicine is being more widely accepted as patients increasingly opt for
non-surgical, non-medical approaches to health care.

At Transformational Medicine we work with like minded associates who are genuinely interested in assisting you to achieve optimal results. We work in conjunction with one another to provide continuity of care. We also work well with western medicine physicians you may be seeing. 

Our Mission / Vision:

The Vision

We are a sacred, wellness-focused environment created by individuals who perceive unlimited possibilities in all realms of life; body, mind and spirit.

All the highly skilled and gifted practitioners collaborate with patrons to educate and empower them to achieve their own personal aspirations; body, mind and spirit.

The realization of this vision results in happiness, good health and peace of mind for all those we serve;
body, mind and spirit.

Core Values

Personal Integrity

Words, thoughts and actions consistent with

  • Honesty and Authenticity
  • Respect for Others and Self
  • Accountability and Commitment


Words, thoughts and actions consistent with

  • Client–Centered Focus
  • Pride in Appearance and Manner
  • Commitment to Professional Growth
  • Commitment to Professional Licensure/Standards


Words, thoughts and actions consistent with

  • Steadfast Delivery of Expected Outcomes
  • Heart–Centered and Compassionate Services
  • Continuity of Care with Use of Best Practices
  • Commitment to Our Community in Time and Resources
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