Avoid the Heartbreak of Addiction; Helping Families Heal

The truth is, when young people are disconnected from their families whether through trauma or divorce, the separation of emotions and support lead the young person to experimenting and increase the likelihood of addiction. It’s important they have family they can communicate with, and connect with to provide the stability needed to avoid the addiction trap.

Tips for Parents

  •  Spend quality time with your child (children).
  •  Increase communication overall.
  •  Teach your child to have the courage to say “No”.
  •  Help your kids make good friend choices.
  •  Be clear and concise about family rules.
  •  Provide guidance and clear rules about not using drugs.
  •  Be a good role model for your children.
  •  Teach your child what it means to be responsible and a good friend.
  •  Praise your child for being responsible and making good choices.
  •  Provide proper nutrition for your child.

The Discovery Project is designed to help your whole family find connection and healing. Through a mind, body, soul approach we guide each family member to communicate effectively, creating a quality home environment, and help everyone learn tools to be active, integrity filled role models.

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