Celebrate Gluten-Free, September 2016 edition

GIG Member,
Attached is your September edition of Celebrate Gluten-Free magazine! For many of us, this time of year is a transitional period. Summer vacations are about over and those of you in the workplace are probably buckling down for the four month stretch into the holiday season. Many of you are watching your kids and/or grandkids head back to school or college for another year of growth and learning. During this time, you question where the summer went and start counting down the days, weeks and months until it comes around again.
This issue of Celebrate Gluten-Free  focuses on some of these summer to fall transitions. We wrap up one of GIG’s key summer initiatives by reviewing this past year’s summer camp weeks and sharing some “secret” camp recipes. We also feature in this edition a College Checklist and provide all of those gluten-free students going away for college a handy “guide” for the essentials they need as they start their new year. In addition, our company spotlight features Enjoy Life and their “free-from” efforts that they have been providing for consumers for over a decade. From book reviews, to research updates, to new recipes, we hope that this edition of Celebrate Gluten-Free helps to make your transition time a little smoother. See an article, recipe or fun fact that you think another person following the gluten-free lifestyle would benefit from? Have them sign up for their free membership at www.gluten.org to get them started today!
Chris Rich
VP of Development, GIG


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