Food and Inflammation

Even conventionally growing local crops raise inflammatory markers. Feeding animals GMO and conventionally grown grains causes inflammation in our guts and creates other issues in our immune system and organs. To combat inflammation—the proven root of all chronic illnesses, including cancer—it is vital we pay attention to our foods’ origins.

The more we learn of our food origins—types of soil, what the soil and plants are treated with, the seed source itself, the quality of water put on the plants, how and when the plants are harvested, how far it is transported and what’s done to it before we buy it—the more we grasp how important it truly is to buy organic, fresh, in season, locally grown foods.

Stores often carry organic foods, but how fresh are they? Buying at local farmers’ markets is far fresher than at the grocery store, and helps our local economy and health. Frozen foods are the exception, as they are proven to be frozen immediately upon picking and are therefore the freshest once thawed.

Foods that are known to cause inflammation include: conventionally grown beef, pork and chicken; deep-fried foods; peanuts; refined flour products; most packaged or processed foods; white foods like bananas, potatoes and rice; and dried fruits. Inherently, meats aren’t all bad—it is important what the animal was fed and how it was processed. We are seeing proof that grass-fed, non-hormone-injected meats are actually healthier for the heart. On the other hand, packaged foods are processed so much that little to no nutrient value is left in them.

To avoid heart disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, allergies, low energy, joint pains, endocrine disorders and even autoimmune disorders, we need to stop putting inflammatory foods in our bodies. Switching to organic, non-GMO, seasonal, locally grown fresh foods and grass-fed, free-range meats (not fed GMO corn or soy) can improve one’s health immensely.

DeeAnn G. Saber, a Naturopathic Physician at Transformational Medicine, knows how to rebuild full-body health by starting at its foundation—gastrointest-inal health. Connect with her at 520-209-1755 or

This article is featured in Natural Awakenings.

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