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Wellness First, in Tucson

by Tyler Woods

Hello and welcome to Tucson Biz Beat. This will focus on the small businesses, artist and events that make Tucson such a great community to live in. I am a proud native Tucsonan and have lived here all my life, and so this is my way to salute the Old Pueblo.

Today I salute the Old Pueblo by focusing on alternative health and healing. Tucson has a growing community in natural health and wellness. The use of indigenous plants and multi-layered culture makes Tucson a wonderful community for natural health and healing. Transformational Medicine (TFMND) is one of the newest clinics Tucson has to offer.

This is an integrative wellness center for Tucsonans that are ready to achieve optimal wellness! Let’s face it, anyone can go to their doctor, get a prescription and be sent on their way. At TFMND they offer a variety of alternative services under one roof.

DeeAnn Saber, NMD is a naturopathic doctor that is a primary care physician with a focus on family medicine. Dr. Saber, who is one of the owners, focuses on the whole person so people begin to see an improvement in the way they feel.

Lynda Witt, who is another owner, is an experienced certified clinical thermographer. She is one of the few people who I have had the privilege of meeting who provides such expert Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging as a means to alerting women to vascularization in breast tissue which is a necessary process in tumor formation and growth about 7 years prior to a tumor being formed.

Zach Saber LMT is an owner as well and he specializes in pain. He breaks down adhesions and scar tissue alleviating pain through restructuring myofascial work. Zach says, “My work is designed to
relieve pain, change your structure and assist you in ‘fitting’ into your own
body.” I must say, after a treatment with Zach, the pain is really gone.

Other practitioners that are there to assist Tucson are Vonnie Schultz Albrecht, RN who provides colon hydrotherapy and Ellie Starer is a licensed clinical social worker. Margie Azamar offers energy healing and John Butters, an iridologist examines the eyes to help achieve whole body wellness.

TFMND believes the client comes first and that is a first for Tucson. I have had the honor to talk with most of these practitioners and I am thrilled that Tucson is able to embrace a small business that takes such pride in the health of Tucsonans. I salute TFMND for being a small business that has Tucsonans best interest in mind.


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