How to Reduce Joint Pain and Beat the Joint Pain Woes

Dealing with joint pain?  As we age, it seems more of us feel aches How to Reduce Joint Painand twinges in various joints. The number one area is knees, followed by shoulders and hips. Joints we use every day to move, get out of bed, walk anywhere, drive and eat can become inflamed and sore, either daily or only occasionally.

A joint can be in pain due to direct trauma, a chronic use issue or an infection.  Bones can often hurt if the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments) around them have pulled too much in one direction or another. Whiplash is a classic case of this.

What can we do? Or rather, what haven’t we tried? Most of us have tried ice, rest, topical balms or gels, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture or physical therapy — all good ideas. We should also take out inflammatory foods, quit drinking sodas (they cause gout, which causes joint pain), stretch regularly and practice yoga.

After trying all of these things and still having life disrupting pains or chronic nagging aches, consider ProloOzone. Developed over the last 35 years by Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD, ProloOzone is a combination of oxygen therapies and homeopathics. Ozone therapies are safe, completely nontoxic, easy to use, inexpensive and have very favorable effects on autoimmune disease, cancer, arthritis, infections, inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular disease and chronic and acute pain.

ProloOzone is combining oxygen, making it into ozone, then adding it in with homeopathics and vitamins as an injection. These minimally done injections can relieve pain, clear up inflammation and over time, rebuild cartilage and ligaments. These can be done as a first line treatment for acute injuries or can be done years later to clear up scar tissue and chronic pain.

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