Improve Your Brain Health

As we age we think, where are my keys? Or what did I do with that…? Whatever it is we can’t remember. We retrace our steps, find the sunglasses or keys we set down and then go onto the nextBrain Health in Tucson AZ thing.  Losing brain function is not normal nor does it have to happen. Staying healthy by eating clean, chemical free foods, drinking clean water, and moving in fun ways, as well as keeping our minds focused on positive things all contribute to better health. Still, we lose words or can not place where we left something… or we get depressed or anxious about the world beyond our control. Especially during these crazy pandemic times, staying positive has been a big challenge. What can help?

Making sure one is getting clean nutrition, often enough, minus sugars and artificial sweeteners, make a big difference in how one feels and thinks. Making sure you are not exposed to molds, pesticides, fertilizers, and other environmental toxins also makes a huge difference in brain health. The blood brain barrier can break down and be impacted by all of the above, as well as by heavy metals. The amount of chemicals in personal care products, or in our laundry detergent or what we put in our yard all make an impact on our overall health and many of these products are NeuroToxic.

One thing many folks do not know is that brain chemistry can be measured by a simple morning urine test. No blood draws nor long involved testing. One morning test and you can see what 20 different brain markers look like in you. This then can guide what needs supporting or what needs to be turned down. Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that regulate many physical and emotional processes such as, movement, stress responses, cognition, energy, cravings, pain, and more. It can be quite a relief for folks to know that their anxiety or depression can be treated naturally.

As seen in Natural Awakenings Health Brief -> Improving Brain Health

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