What does it mean to live “sustainably”?

Does sustainability mean how I support myself and my family? Or about my impact on my living sustainabilityimmediate environment or world? Where does one fit in in the bigger picture? Many of us are still just living day to day trying to do our best to manage that day. Between meal prep, clean up, getting kids to school, working ourselves, paying attention to bills, or car maintenance or our spouses, how do we fit in all in?

First, we stop… breathe, and really think about how do we want our lives to be? What is the ideal day for you? Can that ideal day first, take into account your own selfcare, then your loved ones, then everything else including the planet?

I think of living well as a way to have enough that I can give back to my community. And yes, that means making enough money through my own efforts to cover my bills and have enough to give to others. Is this sustainable? So far even through this pandemic it has been.

If every day you could do one small thing that by the end of your day put you one step closer to a healthier life would that be manageable? Why? someone may ask. Because if you are healthy, that means more energy, clear thinking, hopeful outlook, good sleep, satisfying relationships. Health is a foundational choice that says yes, I am okay being on the planet and happy to be here contributing to the greater good. Wouldn’t you want that? What is in the way of getting to that for you?

I do realize time and money trip up most folks. But we all have daily choices we make with our time and money. If you can sit in front of a TV for our hour daily then you could be in a garden watching food grow and tending it in that same time. What will you get in a month or year after one hour of TV daily? In 2-3 months, you could grow food, clean, organic, tasty, food. After one year of eating that food guess what happens? Skin is better, energy better, depression cleared, gut problems gone, sleep better. That choice is yours to make every day. Sustainability means it lasts and considering what most folks do with their time and money we see those unhealthy results but stopping even for a weekend and considering what feels important or life changing that could shift your health, your family’s health, their children’s health, by doing 1 thing differently daily is truly remarkable. Write it down and go after those goals.

Start with quitting the junk – sugar is America’s biggest addiction, and it is in everything. This means no candy, soda, Red Bull, cigarettes, and most grains like cereal. These products drive us to be dumb and fat. Is that what anyone wants? They are full of pesticides, heavy metals, and poisons. None of that is leaning us in to healthy. Next is drink clean water, not bottled with BPA, only filtered water in glass containers. Next is get the plastic out of your home. Microparticles of plastic are showing up in breast milk folks! Plastics will kill animals and that means us too. Switch out plastic bottles, plastic storage containers and do not microwave food in plastic. Realize that where you spend your money means something – your money speaks when you use it wisely in ways that support health. Think about it if no one ever ate at fast food restaurants again then they would shut down!

Gardening: Start with a small pot 6-10 inches across, make sure it has a hole in the bottom of it and plant organic lettuce seeds. Put a plate under it to catch the water. Water sparingly every few days and see what happens! Usually if it gets a little sunshine and some shade you will see sprouts in 1-2 weeks. Let them grow until the leaves are 6-8 inches tall, then clip off one leaf at a time, leaving the base as it will continue to grow more leaves. Enjoy a fresh salad, add in organic tomatoes, radishes, celery, avocado, carrots, and a clean dressing. This could be a complete meal.

Yes, caring for oneself and family takes time, and you are worth the time.

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