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Dear Clients and Patrons of Transformational Medicine / WellnessFirst,

As healthcare professionals we have been monitoring the virus / flu situation since January and of course are using increased preventive measures in our offices to insure the safety of all our clientele. We have masks, gloves, antiseptic gel, that we all use as well as increased wiping down with anti-bacterial supplies of all common surfaces daily. We are also running anti-microbial essential oils in our diffusers to keep the common areas clear.

We have encouraged anyone who is ill with a cough or fever to notify us so we can treat them appropriately.  

If you feel unwell we can always do a visit via email, the phone, or through Skype or Zoom. 

Online Doctor Visits available at


We are open and continue to offer anti-microbial herbs, tinctures, and supplements in our office as well as vitamin infusions such as the Myers Cocktail which supports immune function. We also do

Ozone therapy which is anti-microbial.

Transformational Medicine has been offering these services for years because they work well. We can do high dose Vitamin C IVs once you are pre-qualified and we’re sure you have no contraindications to receive these nutrients.

(I could add references here from the CDC, or our state Board but I am sure you are all inundated with loads of information.)

We, like everyone else are recommending the following:

  1. Wash elbow to hands with lots of soap, scrub enough to sing  “Happy Birthday” twice, then rinse off
  2. Cover the face with a mask if needed,
  3. Wear gloves while out and about as needed, (even garden gloves will do)
  4. Get plenty of rest,
  5. Cut out the junk food,
  6. Stay hydrated.

Let us know if we can help you and your family.  Take good care!

The team at Transformational Medicine / WellnessFirst.

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