Ozone Therapy for Improving the Immune System

Ozone therapy has been extensively researched in Europe and Cuba for the last 60 years. Millions of treatments have been performed with a higher safety record than Ozone Therapy - ozonated bloodaspirin. The idea of giving oxygen as a medical treatment has also been around for years. According to Arthur C. Guyton, MD, “All chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused from a lack of oxygen at the cell level.”

Yes, we breathe air that has oxygen in it, but when that air is analyzed, it is found that the greater contents of air is particles of pollutants and nitrogen. Since the industrial revolution, the content of oxygen in our air has gone down to as low as 10 percent in highly industrialized areas. Our bodies need oxygen to metabolize our diet, as well as to run every cell in our body.

But how do we increase our oxygen intake? There are some products on the market to take orally, however doing Ozone as an IV has a much greater impact on the whole body. Cellular health is stimulated, energy increases, stamina returns and healing begins or continues throughout the body as the effect lasts for weeks.

Ozone works by stimulating the body toward balance or homeostasis when it is given intravenously. It also increases the body’s natural antioxidant production, enhances oxygen metabolism and modulates the immune system. Thus, our metabolism works better, and viruses, bacteria and fungus die off, inflammation goes down, pains and discomforts decrease and one feels better. Patients also report improved mental clarity as their brain fog decreases.

Using ultraviolet light (UVB) therapies together with Ozone as an IV treatment offers patients a greater impact toward overall health. UVB has been available and professionally researched for the last 100-plus years, yet, once antibiotics were introduced, less doctors used this proven therapy. It also is a bit more time consuming
and is not considered a lucrative business in the modern mainstream medical office.  However, UVB has proven to increase healthy red and white cells, normalize fibrinolysis (clotting factors) and can increase the bactericidal capacity of blood. So, alone or together with Ozone, a person can get multiple benefits by using this therapy on a regular basis.

This article recently appeared in Natural Awakenings.  You can view a PDF version:  Ozone-therapy-for-Strengthening-the-Immune-System or online:  https://www.naturaltucson.com/2020/05/30/316852/ozone-therapy-for-strengthening-the-immune-system


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