Ozone Therapy for Joint Pains

Whether suffering from mild joint pain or a chronic joint condition, Ozone Joint Therapy (OJT) may be the solution. Ozone therapy can fix the cause, versus just bandaging the symptom.

OJT is a homeopathic/oxygen injection developed for common and chronic conditions including neck, back, knee and hip issues. Ozone therapy can also be used to release scarring. The injection consists of vitamins, nerve supporting nutrients, homeopathics, anesthetic that calms the nerves and Ozone. This mixture causes tissue and joint repairs by tightening lax structures, and repairing partially torn connective tissues and ligaments. The pain and inflammation cycle is stopped as well. This therapy is considered a non-surgical ligament reconstruction and is a permanent treatment for chronic pain. There is a 75 percent chance that chronic pain sufferers can become permanently pain-free within four to six treatments.

Fixes the cause
Treats the symptoms
Strengthens bones, tendons, muscles
Can damage these three areas
Rebuilds ligament tissues
Over time, weakens joints
Boosts the immune system
Inactivates vitamin D3
Has no side-effects

Dr. DeeAnn Saber is a Primary Care Physician as well as a Functional Medicine and Endocrinology specialist, at Transformational Medicine. Connect at 520-209-1755, info@TFMND.com.

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