Prescribe Nutritional Therapy

Prescribe Nutritional Therapy Easily

MediMeals commencement journey.  MediMeals mission has always been to make it as easy for doctors to prescribe whole-food, plant-based meals as it has been to prescribe pills, and today we are ready to offer this service to patients as a way to address obesity, diabetes, heart disease and more.
Components of MediMeals 4-Week Nutritional Therapy Program:
  • 6 Lunches & 6 Dinners Delivered Weekly 
  • 48 Meals Total
  • Meals Include Cooked Entree, Cooked Side Dish + Fresh Side Salad Suggestions 
  • Meals Arrive Fully Prepared and Safely Frozen, Ready-to-Heat 
  • (Patients sign up for a subscription service- not custom meal ordering)
  • Whole-Food, Plant-Based
  • Nutrient-Dense 
  • Vegan
  • No Added Oils
  • No Refined Sugars
  • 40-Page Print Plantrician WFPB Quick-Start Guide
  • Instructions for self-directed:Breakfast
      Side Salads
      Pantry Clean Out
      Recipes & Resources for Long-term Empowerment
The purpose of this program is to break disease-promoting diet habits and support the rapid formation of health-promoting ones, namely a plant-centric diet comprised of cooked and raw whole foods, with water as the primary beverage.  
The program fee is a one-time, up-front payment of $499.
Patients enjoying the program can enroll in the subsequent four week programs for additional support.
MediMeals accept patients/ customers via a 20 min screening call to ensure that the program is a fit and to collect billing and shipping information. 
If you are interested in the 4-week program, see the start dates below and enroll. 
Upcoming 4-week program start dates:
  • November 7 [enroll by Oct 28th]
  • January 9 [enroll by Dec 23rd]
  • February 6 [enroll by Jan 27th]
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