Transformational Medicine’s Fall Newsletter 2017

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Dr. DeeAnn Saber and Vonnie Schultz Albrecht RN, are now offering new therapies using Ozone. Ozone can treat auto-immune disorders such as fibro-myalgia, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Raynaud’s, scleroderma and multiple sclerosis. And viral infections such as HIV, Hepatitis, influenza, herpes, mono EB, measles, viral pneumonia. Also, bacterial infections such as pneumonia, wound infections, staph / strep, E coli, recurrent skin infections, diabetic ulcers. It is amazing for Mold, Lyme disease, cancers and eye disorders.

This therapy works wonderfully as an adjunct to other treatments, as well as a standalone treatment. O3 is considered superman/superwoman oxygen that causes oxidation in the body which can clear/kill off viruses, bacteria and fungi, by damaging their cell walls.

Ozone fun facts; 1000 times more disinfecting than chlorine, over 600 cities in the USA use ozone to purify their drinking water. There is over 100 years of research using ozone which has been medically used since the early 1900’s. Over 30 countries have established ozone standardized practices.

Newer research shows ozone mixed with vitamins can cause permanent healing of joints such as knees, low back, hips, shoulders, elbows etc. Go to for videos presenting more information on ozone and it’s healing abilities. Not only does ozone have analgesic effects but it is an anti-inflammatory. Call for availability and current pricing.

We want to thank all our clients and friends who have come by and come in and supported our businesses at WellnessFirst! Please come and say Hello and enjoy some refreshments.

December 2nd, Saturday from 12-3pm.

Introducing Our Newest Team Member

Our Front office is now staffed full time by Lynne Petty. We are thrilled to have her working with us Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 6 PM! Contact our front office for information, appointments or to say hi! 520-209-1755

Coming Up

Dr. Saber will be unavailable from Nov. 10 – Nov. 17. Dr. DeVille will be available for emergency needs. For approximately 3 weeks after that she will be limited on how much she is able to speak but she will communicate via text, email or writing on a board/tablet. She’ll hear you! She’ll communicate with you ?


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