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Hang Over Prevention & Cures

If you have ever experienced a hangover, lack of hydration, and/or the need for a detox, you know it can feel like a cruel joke. As we enter the holiday season, we can expect to be eating on the go while shopping and to be tempted by sugary foods and adult beverages...

Grief, its affects and side effects explored

Grief; by definition is deep sadness caused especially by someone’s death, a cause of deep sadness, trouble or annoyance, a cause of such suffering, an unfortunate outcome; sorrow Grief presents in more ways than you can probably imagine. For example, some of what...

Zach’s Ponderings

Health & Wellbeing: WellnessFirst! Zach Saber (520) 232-4585 2028 E. Prince Road, Tucson, AZ 85719 I am here to assist you in finding your way to being pain free and feeling happy to be in your own body again.  I assess your structure, your history, your...

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