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New testing available at Transformational Medicine

After 3 years of diving into Environmental Medicine courses TFM is offering multiple ways to check a person’s internal environmental toxins, molds, if Roundup is in them and Heavy Metals as well as something called Organic Acids or a look at the functionality of one’s inner biochemical pathways.

If you are experiencing illness, fatigue, headaches, your labs are showing decreased kidney function or elevated liver markers, or sugar dysregulation or no matter what you do; you still feel unwell, then perhaps the level of toxins in you are dragging you down.

The GPL-Tox tests 173 different toxins. These are looking at lifetime exposure to pollutants that can cause autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue, cancer, heart disease, ADD, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Mold testing can be done through a few labs and again we are looking at how many a person has and which systems are affected. Commonly we see elevated Ochratoxin which is a neurotoxin, a kidney toxin, and carcinogenic.

Heavy Metals can be measured through a urine test, again through a number of companies. Clearing heavy metals can clear out plaque, so those carotid arteries get cleared and heart function improves.

The Organic Acids Test helps us understand vitamin and hormone metabolism, determines your capacity to generate cellular energy, evaluates intestinal wall integrity, assesses the central nervous system, muscle function, if you have nutritional or antioxidant deficiencies and more.

These tests can be done individually or as a mixture of panels, running from $69 up to $1335.

Dr Saber was interviewed by Healthy Live Health Plant Radio on toxins, listen here –>

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