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Mental Health Coaching by Zach Saber

Often times when confronted with a change, we go into fear mode. We immediately resort to the ‘what ifs’ and ‘we can’t because…” Think about it; it’s not like you’ll succeed there or be happy there so why spend our time there? Because it’s predictable. As bad as it is, you can rely on it being exactly what it has always been and until you’re more afraid of staying where you are than you are of change, you’ll continue to make the same bad choices.

Often time we deal with issues that are locked into us, issues that cause us to feel depressed, grief stricken, fearful, or even with addictions we find ourselves justifying our behavior rather than facing it to seek a way to heal or experience life differently.

Change is challenge. Change means moving away from that which is familiar to something as yet undefined. Example; Every night you go to sleep trusting you’ll awaken the next morning. Each morning you awaken and you know exactly what you’ll do next. It’s more robotic, more habitual and you probably wonder if you’re enjoying life as much as you did when this routine was new.

Think back to when you moved to that home. What did your mornings look like then? When did that routine change? What did it change to? Is it the same place you are now?

On the other hand; look back at photos of you in the decades gone by. In every photo you are different. In each photo you’ve made change whether it be how you dressed, behaved or wore your hair, it was changed. You changed without even knowing it.

Suddenly, change isn’t really much of a challenge is it? No, perhaps you realize it’s not change you’re in fear of, it’s the unknown. It’s the “what will I feel if I do that?” or “what will I do if I don’t light up that cigarette?” or “what will I do if I don’t have that drink?” Could be, “I have to take that drug or I might feel pain…” The unknown is the scariest part of life.
With coaching, using conversation along with body work you can take the unknown and turn it into your vision for you.

You can release fears, old issues that are stopping you from moving forward or make you feel you’re just walking in circles. Through body work, activities and frank discussion, you can release the issues and I can assist you in finding passion, focus, bravado and interest once again in your own life. You can make your life shine and make life easier, healthier, more prosperous and happier!

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