Myofascial Release

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Myofascial Release

Through my work, pain free movement can be restored and balance improved. Standing as well as walking is easier and more stable.  Runners gain in comfort as well as ability to go further. Bicyclists tend to have psoas issues: we can release that making racing far more enjoyable. Athletes benefit: they receive increased mobility, more durability, ease of movement, and increased range of motion with decreased effort.  Golfers drive further and have less rebound with rotation. Myofascial release has a profound effect on relieving pain from surgical scarring, injuries, back aches, hip pains, migraines, limited range of motion at any joint including knees and ankles.  Additionally, these releases create improved circulation and sleep cycles.

Utilizing NRT (Neural Reset Therapy) post Myofascial release allows the muscles to continue to release for two days after your session.  Tissue memory is improved and allows you to not only feel less pain but to feel more relaxed and lighter.

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