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What does a Shamanic practitioner do?

For those that are drawn to tribal and more Native American rituals and experiences I am trained in Shamanic work.

After 20 years of being very intrigued with Native American traditions, I was able to go through an intensive training with the Sundust Oracle institute in Seattle, Washington. This involved three years of weekly and bi monthly trainings where we were taught about the tarot, how to do card readings, and eventually learning how to read anything that had touched a person, as in reading energy. I learned about blessings such as house blessings and clearings, business blessings and clearings, how to do soul retrievals, and helping the dead to pass on without being stuck here.

The main idea of these teachings is to respect ourselves and mother nature, to understand we are all connected and that all things have energy. This includes rocks and trees for example.

The ceremonies that I offer now are for businesses, homes or individuals depending upon their needs.

It may include drumming, chanting, smudging or burning sacred herbs, and looking to the past to bring forth that which you’ve left behind to assist in your healing.

Certified through the Sundust Oracle Institute – Visit Here.

Additional training done with Denise Linn, Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake and the Elders I’ve met.

Please inquire if you have questions or wish to know more.

Phone: 520-209-1755

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