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Many people are familiar with the HCG program. Many people also recognize that program has little success because people are relying on the chemicals instead of learning about portion sizes and healthy foods.

On this program, which we HAVE used with great success, we find that we learn about our own bodies responses to food sensitivities, quantities, quality etc. What we truly appreciated was not feeling hungry and not feeling as if we were being deprived.

Yes, our choices are a bit limited but they won’t always be!

This begins as a Five (5) week program. You receive a scale, ketostix (to help you see that you’re truly removing stored fat and not muscle) menu plans, 5 weeks of snack packs, weight tracking, WICO testing with follow-up and weekly support.

This affordable plan is $595 which includes your initial intake with Doctor Saber as well as your 15 minute weekly follow-up visits.

If you have not achieved your weight change goal in the initial time, you may purchase weekly snack packs at a cost of $50 per week supply. Each box contains 28 chocolate, vanilla, strawberry flavored packets which you mix with 3 ounces of water. They each provide caloric support toward assisting you in supporting optimal blood sugar balancing as well as achieving your ideal weight.

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