What is Myofascial Release?


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What is Myofascial Release?

As you change physically, you are changing internally as well as emotionally. You are releasing the emotional attachment to injury / pain or experience. Perhaps you want to free yourself to experience life more fully. You can release issues, emotions, limitations, anxieties, and fears that are locked in your soft tissues and muscles. You can remove fright/flight/freeze/fight from your immediate response mechanisms. You can move past the PTSD symptoms and trauma remnants so that you are able to live the life you want to live.

Whether the pain is visceral, fascial, neuro or radiucular this concept works. My goal is to not only increase your range of motion and pleasure but to alleviate your pain myofascial release treatment.

To do this, I focus on fascial tissue (fluid tissue that surrounds all muscles and organs allowing them to move without sticking) by also removing emotional attachments that we associate with that pain / discomfort / limited range of motion etc. I ‘coach’ both physically and verbally, you into releasing the issues and or the emotions thereby allowing you to release the adhesion’s (physically and emotionally) that limit them and displays itself as pain (acute and chronic), stiffness, inability to move, lack of energy, depression etc.

Most depression is caused by chronic inflammation in the body. The body can be depressed, the emotions can be, and the mind can be. I attempt to make the changes to the body to allow a release of depression and assist in finding healthy outlets you will actually participate in.


It can hurt in this sense; IF there is pain in the body where we are working, pain will be released. To be released it is felt, and then it’s gone. When a person is already in pain they have a hard time seeing this, they think “Oh no more pain, I can’t do that.” It’s NOT more pain, its releasing the existing pain and then there is NO pain. It can be uncomfortable; people learn how to check into their bodies for how they ‘feel’.

People with emotional issues get to learn how to physically ‘feel’ their bodies, not just express descriptions they’ve heard. Anytime we hit an uncomfortable zone you know we’re making changes and exploring new avenues. Quite exciting to do and go through. It can be exhilarating for all the above reasons. A new found freedom of movement, of breathing, less pain or no pain, increased range of motion ..increased energy and stamina, a new outlook on day to day life etc.

I love what I do. I love how it always works. Don’t confuse this with all people get the same results, this is not cookie cutter work. I work with each person with what their bodies need. Need is based on client input, client history and client structural analyses.

Tired of being in pain yet? See me at least once before you opt for surgery. You have only pain to lose.  For information, including what to expect on your first visit, go here



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