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Zachary M. Saber BS., MA., LMP, MFR

Through myofascial release & NRT, you and I can create a pain free life for you. You’ll learn that pain cycles do not have to be permanent dysfunctions in your life, they are treatable without drugs. Pain free movement can be restored, and balance improved.

Myofascial release has a profound effect on relieving pain from surgical scarring, injuries, backaches, hip pains, migraines, limited range of motion at any joint including knees and ankles. NRT allows us to reset the muscles, releasing holding patterns, eliminating pain / discomfort / limited range of motion.

I have over 24 years of experience releasing adhered fascia and pain, improving quality of life. I utilize a structural assessment to determine what will best facilitate your healing to map out what is happening in your life. You and I will set a treatment plan in motion working towards your being free to do what you want when you want without worrying about pain, or another appointment.

Zach and DeeAnn are the Recipients of the Minority and Small Business Alliance of Southern Arizona’s “Service Firm of the Year 2015”.

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