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Zachary M. Saber BS., MA., LMP, MFR

Zach SaberZachary Saber has been practicing myofascial release (a specialty bodywork) for over 20 years. During this time, he has achieved Board Certification in working with Grief and Depression as well as learning about nutritional deficiencies/necessities and how they correlate to body pains as well as brain short circuits.  His concept is: “Emotions control what is held in the fascia and that pain/discomfort is affected through emotional attachment as well as nutritional deficiency.”

When the body is not fed properly, mentally, physically or spiritually, then the body feels pain, discomfort, out of sorts, limited.  Your ability to see the whole picture, to see the future, to see your options becomes hindered by trying to just get through right now.  Zach’s goal is to open your mind to releasing old beliefs, to free your body of pain and limited range of motion, release the limitations that are stopping you or causing pain and create a happiness in your body. This is done through myofascial release, structural integration, through conversation and through suggestions of nutritional changes.

Zach also oversees the T360 program designed to improve Type II diabetes and assist you in losing weight. You can see his own before and after photos to know he walks his talk and he leads by setting an example.

You can schedule to see Zach for Myofascial Release, to improve nutrition and control Type II diabetes/lose weight, for coaching or, for all the above. You won’t be disappointed.

Zach and DeeAnn are the Recipients of the Minority and Small Business Alliance of Southern Arizona’s “Service Firm of the Year 2015”.

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