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Our specialties include endocrine / thyroid issues, chronic fatigue, autoimmune, hypothyroid, hashimotos thyroiditis, endocrinology, adrenal fatigue, pain relief, pain management, prolozone, IV therapy, ozone therapy, myofascial release, and transformations 360 – Type II Diabetes.

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In this guide Dr. Saber will step you through a 30 Day journey to help improve your thyroid and boost your energy including: 


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Nutrition facts and eating habits for a healthy Thyroid


Step by Step plan to help achieve Optimal Energy

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We are open minded, healing professionals who have created an environment designed to be positive, healthy and patient focused, where all are welcomed regardless of sexual orientation, race etc.

We are accepting, compassionate, patient and understanding of the many varieties of ailments and/or concerns that many people need assistance resolving.


As our practice is considered alternative, we are not covered by insurances as a rule. However, most insurances will cover your lab tests. Some drivers have Med Pay when having a motor vehicle accident, which covers some massage, body work, myo-fascia release, neuro-muscular reeducation and structural integration, however we are not covered by any other health insurances. Please check with your own coverage before assuming you’d be reimbursed for expenses.


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Balancing Men’s Hormones

Henry David Thoreau’s observation that “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation” resonates deeply when considering the often-overlooked area of men’s hormonal health. Naturopathic medicine treats the  body as an interconnected system, emphasizing holistic...

Treatment for Fatigue

Addressing the Root Cause of Fatigue Fatigue is a common complaint that affects many individuals and treatment for fatigue can be challening. As a naturopathic doctor, I believe in addressing the root causes of health concerns.  One potential underlying factor...

Brain Fog Treatment

Do you have Brain Fog, feeling extra fatigued? Do you need brain fog treatment? What is the best brain fog treatment?  What would boost your own immune system? What can protect you from viruses and bacteria? What can even help your heart, and eyes and your skin? That...

Environmental Toxins Impact Men’s Health

It is no secret that the environment is impacting everyone’s health. There are levels of toxins in our food, air and water that we cannot get away from, even when we do our best to eat, drink and breathe everything clean. There is hope, though, and it is in everyone’s...

What does it mean to live “sustainably”?

Does sustainability mean how I support myself and my family? Or about my impact on my immediate environment or world? Where does one fit in in the bigger picture? Many of us are still just living day to day trying to do our best to manage that day. Between meal prep,...

Improve Your Brain Health

As we age we think, where are my keys? Or what did I do with that…? Whatever it is we can’t remember. We retrace our steps, find the sunglasses or keys we set down and then go onto the next thing.  Losing brain function is not normal nor does it have to happen....

Why do Intravenous Therapies or IV’s?

By the time symptoms of a disease show up it is often too late for oral use of vitamins and minerals. All of our cells need to be maximally healthy for our whole body to be optimally healthy. Giving vitamins and minerals at higher concentrations through an IV Therapy...

How to Reduce Joint Pain and Beat the Joint Pain Woes

Dealing with joint pain?  As we age, it seems more of us feel aches and twinges in various joints. The number one area is knees, followed by shoulders and hips. Joints we use every day to move, get out of bed, walk anywhere, drive and eat can become inflamed and sore,...

Removing Toxic Heavy Metals from the Body

Most of us have had fillings in our teeth that contain mercury and other toxins that are or were impacting our health since the dental procedures. Additionally, we have accumulations of toxins through our food, air and water impacting our organs, plus molds,...
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2028 E. Prince Road, Tucson AZ 85719



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