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Our specialties include endocrine / thyroid issues, chronic fatigue, autoimmune, hypothyroid, hashimotos thyroiditis, endocrinology, adrenal fatigue, pain relief, pain management, prolozone, IV therapy, ozone therapy, myofascial release, and transformations 360 – Type II Diabetes.

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Download Dr. Saber's 30 Day Guide to

Thyroid Health & Optimal Energy


In this guide Dr. Saber will step you through a 30 Day journey to help improve your thyroid and boost your energy including:


Proven ways to improve your sleep to feel more rested


Energy boosting tips and techniques that work


Nutrition facts and eating habits for a healthy Thyroid


Step by Step plan to help achieve Optimal Energy

Welcome to Transformational Medicine!

We are open minded, healing professionals who have created an environment designed to be positive, healthy and patient focused, where all are welcomed regardless of sexual orientation, race etc.

We are accepting, compassionate, patient and understanding of the many varieties of ailments and/or concerns that many people need assistance resolving.


As our practice is considered alternative, we are not covered by insurances as a rule. However, most insurances will cover your lab tests. Some drivers have Med Pay when having a motor vehicle accident, which covers some massage, body work, myo-fascia release, neuro-muscular reeducation and structural integration, however we are not covered by any other health insurances. Please check with your own coverage before assuming you’d be reimbursed for expenses.


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You NEED to give myofascial release a try if …

Zachary M. Saber BS., MA., LMP, MFRZachary Saber has been practicing myofascial release (a specialty bodywork) for over 20 years. During this time, he has achieved Board Certification in working with Grief and Depression as well as learning about nutritional...

The Modern Recipe for a Healthy Child

Raising children seems to become more challenging each day. Society puts high pressures and expectations on new parents to make all the right choices along the way, making the path of parenthood even more difficult to navigate. We asked...

How to not poison your kids

How to not poison your kids…or… If you want your child to be happy, well nourished, not overweight, with sharp minds and big hearts it takes work as a parent and there are simple steps you can do today towards that end. Give your kids structure: Organize your time...

3 Delicious Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Kick Start Your Day

The 6th Annual Naturopathic Medicine Week Day 3The weekend is over and if your schedule is anything like mine, you have begun another hectic work week.Weekends are great aren’t they? We get to spend time with family and friends, maybe go out for a nice meal, enjoy...

Naturopathic Medicine Week, Day 1: What is a Naturopathic Doctor & my journey to becoming one!

The 6th Annual Naturopathic Medicine Week starts today through next Saturday. We at Transformational Medicine are kicking off our celebrations by sharing a little insight into what exactly a Naturopathic Doctor is and my journey to becoming one. Each day this week we...


It has become customary each year for there to be an influenza outbreak and epidemic and a strong promotional campaign for every individual to be vaccinated. Because of this we have set out to provide a fact sheet to address the flu, it’s prevention, it’s treatment,...


These are general guidelines; the doctor will communicate with you specific instructions for your condition. We have uploaded these guidelines to make them widely available. We encourage you to ‘like’ and ‘share’ and spread the word. Please discuss these interventions...

Practitioner Research Monthly Digest

  November 2017 Research is showing that, unlike our genetics, our microbiomes are incredibly malleable. This means that we have the power to influence our health on a grand scale just by altering our diet. While bad bacteria thrive on sugar and other unhealthy...

Exciting News!! Published today: Non-GMO Eaters Recover from 28 conditions, including Obesity, Anxiety, and Chronic Diseases.

  My new peer-reviewed article published today can redefine how we think and speak about GMOs, Roundup®, and organic diets. I know it does for me. At the same time, it strengthens our commitment to eating organic. It’s likely the most important piece I’ve ever...

Ozone Therapy for Joint Pains

Whether suffering from mild joint pain or a chronic joint condition, Ozone Joint Therapy (OJT) may be the solution. Ozone therapy can fix the cause, versus just bandaging the symptom. OJT is a homeopathic/oxygen injection developed for common and chronic conditions...


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